Start your personal journey of optimising your mental health, emotional wellbeing and performance with the EPIC 4LIFE 'You First' eToolbox.


The 'You First' eToolbox takes you through each building block of developing mental toughness. Start your journey today and create 'A Mind To Thrive'

'You First' eToolbox

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  • The EPIC 4LIFE ‘You First’ eToolbox has been designed to develop your mental sensitivity & toughness personality trait. This aspect of your personality determines how well you cope or thrive under stress, and can be developed to empower optimal mental health, emotional wellbeing and performance.

    In a chaotic world where many things seem uncertain, the stress and pressure we all have to contend with can often be too much.

    The 'You First' eToolbox empowers people and inspires change towards achieving optimal mental health, emotional wellbeing and performance.

    EPIC 4LIFE's mission is to optimise your mental health! You could say we are mental health personal trainers, and the ‘You First’ eToolbox is your first training programme. In the same way a Body Transformation PT empowers individuals to obtain optimal physical health, EPIC 4LIFE empower and inspire mind transformation!

    The eToolbox is an introductory edition, it will empower you to begin your journey of optimising mental health and emotional wellbeing. It is divided into five sections; self-awareness, confidence, commitment, challenge and control, which are known as the 'building blocks' of mental toughness.

    Each section contains exercises, some with activity cards to help you construct that 'building block'. Start with the self-awareness exercises and then work through the remaining four sections as you desire. However, we would recommend starting with confidence first.


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