QuaranTEENed & Grounded: 7 Lockdown Survival Tips for Teens

Updated: May 31, 2020

Love light & Peace’s 7 top tips for teens surviving government lock down

Staying grounded, and by grounded I don’t mean this government lock down, we are currently experiencing! I mean the spiritual version or in essence the feeling of wholeness within mind, body and soul. Right now, we are writing history lessons for future generations. Its new, unpredictable, and at times anxiety inducing, nothing is what it seems, and no one really knows what tomorrow brings, the world is in a constant state of change. I have put together my top tips for staying grounded and calm in a sea of chaos, read on find out more.

1. Movement

It’s so easy, in this modern world to forget to move, more so when the last season of your new favorite box set is calling your name. Our bodies crave movement, even when we are not aware. The impact it has on our wellbeing is huge. Sitting watching the TV or surfing the socials all day, has a negative effect on our overall well-being, absorbing all that we have seen, and taking on the energies, feeling sad after a sad film, or that feeling of lack, when looking at social media. We begin to naturally feel more lethargic, and overall, less productive, this in turn dampens our mood, which leads back to that lethargy, it’s a never-ending circle. Try making time each day to make sure you move your body. Lots of Gyms, Dance and Yoga studios have moved online following lockdown and upload classes, workouts and live streams daily, for you to do at home free of charge. The best one I have seen so far is Davina, own your goals, it has absolutely every style of exercise on and has been made free to all users during lockdown. If you're not a fan of guided exercise, we have found loads to move around too on TikTok, it's so much fun learning routines and making the videos that you don’t realise how much you are moving it doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

(More exercise and the mind).

2. Fresh Air

Now here’s where it gets a little tricky! At the time of writing, we are currently allowed one daily exercise, but this may be about to change. Even living in a flat you can get some air, opening all your blinds curtains and windows will breath fresh air in to your surroundings. If you are lucky enough to have a garden then utilize this space and use it as an extension of your home, giving you a change of scenery. I like to pretend I’m on holiday, having my morning cup of tea outside. Fresh air helps to send oxygen through the blood and allows your lungs to work at full capacity. Plus, oxygen to your brain = more brain power. ... Your body and mind will thank you for it.

3. Routine

Yes, it’s a scary and unpredictable time right now, But, trust me having some sort of routine will! Help, stopping you falling in to that Groundhog Day feeling, giving you a sense of order and calm when the world is in chaos. I don’t mean army worthy military routine, more wake, shower, eat, sleep ones, having healthy daily habits also help improve sleep, having regular sleep patterns promote healthy behaviors, it’s a wellbeing wheel all about balance, sleep helps improve memory and concentration, when refreshed we also function overall much better, we all need to be ready to go back to life someday so setting some sort of routine will also help the transition back much easier.

Some tips for teens on healthy sleep habits can be found here.

4. School Work

I know, I Know, School work! But it’s really important you try to keep up memory of the subjects you were learning before schools, colleges and universities closed, as yes! one day, they will all re-open and normal life will begin again. Set aside 1-2 Hours per day (unless your school has implemented otherwise) to do school work, you can split this time to fit your surroundings and concentration levels. Turn off distractions, turn off phones, computers, TVs etc., think of it this way, once it’s done its done, then you can carry on doing the things you would rather do.

"Reach out... and ask for help"

Remember not to be too hard on yourself about getting it all done or right, we all learn in different ways, some may find it easier at home and others harder, there is no right or wrong way for home learning, it's whatever works best for you. Use your peers and the resources available to help you. Peers are learning the same subjects at the same pace, and should be able to offer you good knowledge on the subjects you are currently learning, reach out to them and ask for help if you need it.

5. Connections

This is where teens are lightyears ahead of the adult population, easily able to stay connected when apart, in touch with every social media known to man, But! How often do you actually get to spend time with your immediate family, how well do you know the people you live with? What's your mum’s favorite childhood memory? your dad’s favorite song? Or your annoying older/younger siblings how often do you get to spend real quality time with them play a game or make a cake, there's no rules. Ask yourself what you would like to gain with your family and start from there. We will more than likely never get this time again in this capacity, with our family, we can really use this time to re-connect and get to know our family better in the process. You will thank me for this tip in 20 years' time, use the lockdown to create memories for the future.

6. Space

Yes! We just spoke about re-connecting but equally as important is to ensure that you are making time for yourself, being with the same people 27/7 with no real way of escaping means that we will all be tested from time to time, make “me time” just as important as connecting. Me time can come in any form, a nice bath, reading watching a film, meditating, or using the down time to pick up/learn a hobby/craft/language, taking time to check in with how you are feeling and what you need too.

Remember its ok to feel worried, scared or afraid of what is going on in the world, these are normal feelings and we will all go through this thought process at some point, talk to the people you live with about your feelings and concerns, if this is not an option for you, reach out online to find the support you need or call a help line for more advice.

Remember to take each day as it comes, when your mind wanders to future events, and what if’s, remind yourself, you cannot change what is going on, the only power we have over this situation is the way we react and spend our time, living with a just for today mantra, will help bring you back to the present, and help remove you from the worry wheel anxiety likes to pull us into. By following Government advice you are doing all that you can to keep yourself, family and friends safe and well remember that.

7. Staying grateful

It’s a difficult one, given all that’s going on in the world right now, But! if you are reading this blog, then you have the internet, a device to use, a warm home to be locked-down in, a bed to sleep and rest in, and food in your belly, these are all reasons to be grateful, seeing positives within the negative will help to move your mindset to an overall more positive outlook, once you begin to notice, you can’t help but find all the other reasons to be grateful, the things you manage to complete or achieve during lockdown, learning a new skill, enhancing an existing talent the possibilities are endless.

We have what most of us crave on a day-day basis an abundance of time to do with as we please, decluttering, organising your space, letting go of harmful habits, all blessings during this time. At some point in the future we will look back to this time and ask ourselves “did I spend my lockdown time wisely?” there is no better time than now to start that thought process.

Love, light and healing to all.


Karlla Birtchnell

Founder of Love, Light & Peace

Love light and peace is a new Teen and Adolescent alternative mental wellbeing intervention, that aims to help bridge the gap in mental health services, by taking yoga meditation and mindfulness classes to schools and social care settings, offering a holistic approach to teens and young adults aged 12-25.

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