Focus On The Comeback, Not The Setback!

This collection of my thoughts, feelings and actions come from a recent episode in my life. If you have the stamina to read this and can take a little bit of my experience and use it to help yourself go from a current situation where something is not desirable (sound familiar In the present situation that we find ourselves in) to a place you might want to be; all well and good! If not, no problem whatsoever.

Quickly a little word about me. My name is Stephen Kamsika. I work with sport clients to help them develop further their current mind fitness regime. I used part of the blueprint to my work with sport clients, to help enable getting myself back on track during my recent episode, which I shall share with you in this blog. In February this year, I unfortunately broke my rib, nothing glamorous as in competition or anything like that. I slipped in the shower. To cut to the chase. After attending hospital for an x-ray to confirm a broken rib. I was advised it would take a minimum of six weeks to be back up and running, so to speak, to my optimum fitness levels in the gym. This was my dilemma at that precise moment (February 18th 2020). little did I know at that time, some of the strategies I would put into place were also going to help me further down the line. Ensuring I have a strategy to help deal with what's going on in the world as a result of the corona virus pandemic. So, below is the framework I put in place to thrive during those 6 weeks, which are now helping me and my sport clients at this present time.


I identified and answered three simple questions which would move me from where I was, to where I wanted to be, see below:

1) WHAT'S MY AIM?  To be able to manage optimum exercise in six weeks at a maximum. This is what I based my recovery on. 2) WHERE I AM NOW? At the date of the accident, February 18th 2020; Sat in a chair. Using a golf club for an aid to get up out of the chair. Taking strong painkillers. Having spasmodic sleep patterns each night on a chair. Continuous pain. 3) WHERE I WANT TO BE? Optimum fitness for me in six weeks. Sitting on the settee. Using the same golf club for its intended use. Not taking any painkillers. Having a full night’s sleep, each night in bed. Pain-free. All these in various increments throughout this period. (For example. Sleeping on a chair to sleeping in my bed etc.) I used these three questions and answers to empower action that would take me from this 🌥🌥🌥 ------------- To this 🏌⚽️☀️☀️. I visualised a specific vision for what my recovery journey and outcome looked like, this was like a 'dress rehearsal' which took place in my mind. I would focus on this vision regularly, the more I rehearsed it mentally, the more I increased in confidence and motivation to achieve my aim.


I imaged doing a full workout in six weeks and the things I might need to do, to get there, and then projected right back to what I could do today (18th of February 2020) to enable me to move forward and stabilise, and move forward again. I based my recovery on what I have used with my clients in adding value to them gaining their own self-improvement in areas of their lives.



The outcome would be achieved through a 'Turn-Key Approach'; a process of little goals during each day that will eventually move me forward to my main goal.

A DAILY REVIEW This was done by using a daily review for ongoing improvement from the previous day, and what was useful to keep for the next day. Then I looked at what I didn't need to do again the following day before identifying what was required in order to stabilise and progress.

A POSITIVE ACTION Next was to identity a positive action that could be taken to start the new day. I looked at one thing I enjoyed from the day. Finally I looked at, what can I learn from today to take forward to continue the process to full fitness.

These are the simple steps I based my returning to full fitness on. Maybe it's a process that just may help (if you're still reading) to give you a spark to ignite a process for yourself to get through a current unwanted issue whatever that may be. Using this simple framework and process allowed me to get back to where I wanted to be not in six weeks, but in four weeks.

During this period I observed something really useful, I had been reasonably fit from going in the gym on a mostly daily basis for the last 20 years. This had allowed me to call on my own natural personal bank of experiences and natural resources to work on the structure both consciously and non-consciously on my overall aim. Knowing I was going to achieve my goal  was just a matter of time.

The important thing is that this is the same with all of us. We can all call on our personal reserves we all have from previous experience. It's just a matter of using these natural resources or getting the right help from the right person to use them to benefit you, so you are in a position, whatever the situation, to just deal with it, to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Stephen Kamsika

Results-focused Psychological Therapist for Sportspeople & Individuals

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