We hosted our ‘A Mind to Thrive’ conference in January 2020. A key focus of our event was to raise awareness of a much-needed paradigm shift, to put 'You First' when it comes to self-care and emotional intelligence development as a proactive approach to mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our speakers explored how we can create healthy thriving minds and our delegates were provided with real life solutions and strategies on how they can achieve optimal mental health, emotional wellbeing and performance, which they can in turn use to support others.


Wat's Dyke Primary School

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 "Following the sessions, the children were very enthusiastic to use the information they had learnt from Tim to educate the whole school by leading an assembly and being the health and wellbeing ambassadors. They learnt from Tim’s sessions that it is so important to look after your mental health and wellbeing and they were able to link their learning to the whole school approach ‘5 ways to wellbeing’. I would recommend the emotion scientist training to other schools; it is a great way to introduce the importance of emotional intelligence."

Preston Teaching School Alliance

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 "A huge thank you for the training on Mental Health and Resilience delivered by Tim. These sessions were a resounding success. Delegates commented upon their learning around mental toughness, dealing with emotions and coping strategies as well as how to identify mental health issues in school. Our evaluation from the day evidenced the trainees' increased confidence in applying this new knowledge to create positive learning climates, the promotion of self-talk and the development of emotional intelligence for self and pupil well-being. Much appreciated, look forward to working with you again."

NCS Ingeus

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"EPIC 4LIFE's session was a significant part of our programme and empowering the young people to believe in themselves and that they can make a difference in their lives and their local community. We wanted to take an Innovative and fresh approach on mental health this year, EPIC 4LIFE helped us deliver that in a way we could never have imagined. We look forward to working with them again."


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“Tim led a fantastic workshop with our management team, which focused on what we can do to develop and adapt our mental toughness and self awareness; in order to strengthen our own and our team’s resilience, emotional intelligence and wellbeing. All with the result of enhancing performance. Tim also supported us to complete individual mental toughness assessments and produced a tailored report for each individual, as well as for our team. This helped us to contextualise and support each of our personal development plans to build resilience. Thanks Tim”

University Centre Peterborough

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“Timothy Pattenden demonstrated his passion, knowledge and ability to apply his work as our guest speaker.”