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Our Projects


EPIC 4LIFE A Mind To Thrive Conference

EPIC 4LIFE hosted their ‘A Mind to Thrive’ conference at The Marriot Hotel in Liverpool in January 2020. This event was a fantastic opportunity to bring together leaders, professionals and practitioners who are passionate about putting mental health and emotional wellbeing at the heart of all performance. 

A key focus of our event was to raise awareness of a much-needed paradigm shift, to put 'You First' when it comes to self-care and emotional intelligence development as a proactive approach to mental health, emotional wellbeing and creating a mind to thrive. We were excited to welcome experts and specialists from different disciplines to share their thoughts on how we can create ‘A Mind to Thrive’ through a ‘You First’ experience.

Our speakers included;

Tim Pattenden, Co-Founder of EPIC 4LIFE, Founder of elite4all and Performance Psychologist 

Gilda Scarfe, CEO and Founder of Positive Action and Positive Psychology Expert

Colin Dolan, CEO and Founder of Mental Health Football Association and Time to Change Champion

Jackie Wilson, Founder of Empower Education and Partner in Emotions Toolkit

Lee Jewitt, an Ex-professional Rugby Player, Mindset Coach and CBT Therapist

Ken Masser, Chief Executive of Rossendale Leisure Trust and Regional Director of Community Leisure UK

Darren Whysall, Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor for Barclays UK

Throughout the day, our speakers explored on how we can create healthy thriving minds through an in-depth discussion of positive psychology, neuroscience, mental toughness, mindfulness, proactive mental health and emotional intelligence development. Most importantly, our delegates were provided with real life solutions and strategies on how they can achieve optimal mental health, emotional wellbeing and performance, which they can in turn use to support others.

EPIC 4LIFE also launched their ‘You First Toolbox’, which contains exercises and activities to empower and inspire individuals in creating ‘A Mind To Thrive’ by implementing real solutions that are effective in developing mental toughness and emotional intelligence, which is the key to achieving ‘A Mind to Thrive’.

Ingeus NCS

We delivered over 10 workshops during the NCS 2019 summer season for Ingeus. This was such an exciting project for us and we were so grateful to play a part in their programme. Ingeus and their staff were so accommodating and had developed great relationships with their young people.

The young people were inspiring and engaging individuals, it was exhilarating to spend time with them and introduce them to psychological skills exploring how they underpin mental health.

Ingeus was keen to purchase our sessions due to the nature of our proactive approach we take to managing mental health and our focus on empowering the young people with scientific knowledge on constructing their mindsets in a fun, interactive and engaging way,

We delivered and engaged with over 300 young people with 100% of them saying that they would refer the session to their friends and family. 90% of them said that the had developed their understanding of psychological skills and how they underpin mental health. One of the most important pieces of feedback we received was one of the young people saying that the thing they enjoyed the most about our session was its focus on the solutions, not the problems.

Ingeus Manager Matthew Worthington said;

"EPIC 4LIFE's session was a significant part of our programme and empowering the young people to believe in themselves and that they can make a difference in their lives and their local community. We wanted to take an innovative and fresh approach on mental health this year, EPIC 4LIFE helped us deliver that in a way we could never have imagined. We would like to thank Tim and EPIC 4LIFE for working with us this year and we look forward to working with them again."

Wats Dyke CP School

Having delivered training to the teaching staff mental toughness as a proactive approach to optimising mental health, emotional wellbeing and performance we have continued our work with the schools pupil-led health and wellbeing team. Through our emotions scientists programme we are empowering the school to increase their education and awareness of emotional intelligence and how this can empower and inspire change, developing more emotionally resilient pupils and workforce.


Ascentis are charity and an education awarding organisation, we started working with their management team to identify how they can effect their personality trait of mental sensitivity and toughness in order to optimise their mental health, emotional wellbeing and performance, and to also be better equipped to do this for their employees.

Our journey with Ascentis continues, so far we have conducted thorough assessments and initial education/awareness work. Looking forward the exciting work ahead is how to empower organisation-wide culture change to inspire proactive mental health and emotional wellbeing so they can optimise all performance for everyone.