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United Kingdom; North Wales, North West England & West Midlands.

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Our Way of Working...

EPIC 4LIFE Approach: 

We utilise well-researched and evidenced-based practices from sports, performance and positive psychology, to create, train and develop 'A MIND TO THRIVE' which places the achievement of optimal mental health and emotional wellbeing at the 'HEART OF ALL PERFORMANCE'.

We deliver taster sessions, workshops, psychological skills training programmes and partnership agreements. 

Our focus is on consulting, training and developing leaders, professionals and practitioners to create 'A MIND TO THRIVE' regardless of circumstances, by putting their emotional intelligence development first.

We empower individuals and organisations to inspire change for life.


Meet Our Board of Directors

Where the Passion Begins

Athalia Dangerfield

Executive Director

Athalia is a qualified arts management specialist and third sector consultant, completing her MA in Arts Management, as well as an experienced theatre and performing arts practitioner. She has experience working within several arts and cultural organizations, producing effective and conclusive management and marketing consultancy projects. 

Timothy Pattenden

Operations Director

Tim is a performance psychologist and emotional intelligence development specialist having developed, implemented and led many programmes to over 60,000 people in the last 13 years. He's passion is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity they need to live fulfilling and joyful lives.

Directors Message


We are both passionate about helping other people, specifically through our love for sports, creative arts and psychology. We have known each other for many years, but two years ago realised we had such strong mutual interests, as well as uniques skill-sets, that when combined would bring an innovative approach to providing proactive mental health and emotional wellbeing development to individuals who desperately need it.

At the heart of our work is a firm belief that people have neglected to put their personal wellbeing first for long enough. Our mission is to empower and inspire change creating generations of mentally healthy and emotionally resilient people for life.

We want to support you to create A MIND TO THRIVE by putting YOU FIRST.

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